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«…mankind has entered the era of self-determination of their own evolution. If you think that this statement –is a science fiction, think of new discoveries in the field of biomedical engineering…»

Stephen Hawking

About us

Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary field of science and engineering, which combines engineering and life Sciences. The goal of biomedical engineering is to solve problems arising in the study of living objects, with the help of engineering methods and principles.


15 Years History of BME in Ukraine:

2002-2004 Established Intercollegiate Medical Engineering Faculty Established first in Ukraine Department of Biomedical Engineering; 2010-2016 Established first in Ukraine Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and 10 departments in different districts of Ukraine. Kyiv -4, Kharkiv -2, Kherson- 1, Thernopile -1,  Vinnitsa -1, Mariupol -1, Odesa – 1, Lviv – 1; 2008 “All Ukrainian society of Biomedical Engineers and Technologists”; 2014 Biomedical Engineer was  Included in the State classifier of professions; 2015 Resolution Cabinet approved educational profession № 163 - Biomedical Engineering; 2016  - 2017 Approved educational standards for all level BME Education;


     Eight Universities of Ukraine:   NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI”, NURE,   VNTU,   KNTU,   TNTU,   ONTU,   PSTU,   NULP - established National Journal of BME Established Intercollegiate Scientific & Educational center of BME.


The basic idea of the Journal to cross the frontiers from biomedical technology and engineering to clinical practice and researches by bringing together professionals in:  Bioinstrumentation; Medical Instrumentation, Sensors and Measurement; Biomechanics; Biomaterials; Systems physiology; Clinical engineering;  Rehabilitation engineering; Bio-signals Processing; Medical Imaging and Imaging Processing; Bioinformatics; Physiological Systems Modeling; Radiology (Medical Physics); BioMEMS; Biotechnology; Genomics; Micro and Nanotechnology; Neural Systems and Engineering; Proteomics; Robotics in Surgery - who are interested in development of Biomedical Engineering in Ukraine.


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